Wardrobe for Gina


This wardrobe is one of a kind. We call it WARDROBE OF WARDROBES. Wardrobe which is five meters wide and five meters high.

This is “UP” business card. The production of this wardrobe was a challenge for “UP” carpenters, but after finishing this work, conviction of our carpenters has grown. This huge wardrobe is made from oak wood, painted in black and covered with lacquer. This great combination makes the oak wood black and highlights its texture. Newest technologies have allowed to manufacture it so that no screws and fastenings are seen, only the wood. The wardrobe has no handles, and at first it can also seem that there are no drawers and doors, but it is not so. Drawers and doors work on push mechanisms, which has allowed no usage of handles and other unnecessary parts. There is also vine refrigerator embedded in this wardrobe.

This wardrobe was developed by “UP” specialists cooperating with many other top-class designers. All details were adjusted with the customer who received exactly what she wished for.



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