Custom kitchen for Liga

Modern and ergonomic kitchen

This kitchen is an example that we produce the highest quality product and we create the project advisedly.

Līga ordered this kitchen from us 15 years ago.

Līga recently contacted and wanted us to help her to prevent defect that has occurred. Kitchen surface has been cracked up. After the defect was averted, kitchen looked like new even after 15 years of usage.

Līgas’s kitchen was made by Pēteris who is now “UP” production manager.

Kitchen unit façade is made of wood covered with acryl. It creates shine and mirror effect.

The surface and the sink are made from artificial stone. In images we can also see that the surface is actually 15 years old because 15 years ago the technologies were not that advanced to allow sink to be installed without the joints to be seen at all! Today the joint place would not be seen.

Oven and dishwasher is embedded in the kitchen unit. A large island has been also made, which has been united with the dining table. This kitchen design perfectly fits log house.



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“UP” offers high quality kitchen units after individual order. We offer designer services, and we can also manufacture kitchen unit collaborating with your designer.