Modern and ergonomic kitchen unit.

Kaspars wanted for “UP” masters to create a modern, functional and comfortable kitchen unit for his apartment.

Initially kitchen unit was planned with facades painted white and light brown artificial stone surface. After some thinking Kaspars came to decision that his apartment will suit light grey kitchen unit with white artificial stone surface.

To add “taste” to the surface and make it more comfortable, water runoffs by the sink were installed. These water grooves are an easy and practical solution to ease cleaning of surface and to help water to run down after washing dishes.

To prevent the surface from damage done by a hot kettle or a frying pan just taken off the stove, removable iron bars are installed in the surface. It will successfully serve as a pad which will always be available in place provided for it.

If talking about kitchen appliances, Kaspars preferred refrigerator which is not built-in. Kitchen unit is also equipped with built-in oven, cooker hood and electric oven surface.

As the kitchen unit has two corners, two LeMans mechanisms from Kessenbohmer were installed to make these corners as usable as possible. Drawers, trash container and extractive basket are from Hafele, but the sink is from Franke.

LED lightning is installed under the upper cabinets so that the kitchen was cosier, and it was easy to work in it.

Kitchen design was made according to Kaspars’s needs.



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“UP” offers high quality kitchen units after individual order. We offer designer services, and we can also manufacture kitchen unit collaborating with your designer.