Functionality and practicality.

This kitchen has been created for a person who spends a lot of time in it – for the chef Andrejs. It has been designed with a lot of input from Andrejs, and it has been designed to that it was maximally handy and functional.

The kitchen has been made from oak wood imitation or laminated chipboard.

This material is persistent against scratchings and other kind of damage. This choice of material will allow you to save money.

Matte glass has been built-in the upper cabinet facade.

The kitchen unit has been designed in a “U” shape with an artificial stone surface and built-in Franke steel sink. Special grooves for water drainage have been made by the sink. This surface has been processed so that the joints could not be seen, therefore creating impressive one-piece surface.

Corner mechanisms Magic Corner II was used to make the corner of the kitchen functional and so that it was easy to access things.

Following Andrejs’s wishes, an elegant wine shelf with extra shelves for spices storage were included. Built-in techniques as fridge, oven and microwave were included in the kitchen unit, and of course a cooker hood of an original design was also included.



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