Modern, but classic kitchen unit at the same time.

Aija is a woman with a sophisticated style, combining modern and a little bit of classics in her kitchen.

Aija has chosen two types of facade. Facade of lower cabinets – imitation of an oak wood. Facade of the upper cabinets – painted in white, matte tone.

Surface – beige, laminated chipboard. This surface fits this kind of kitchen very well. It is beautiful, persistent against scratches and allows to save money.

Aija has chosen oven with the microwave, dishwasher, stove surface and cooker hood from the built-in appliances in her kitchen..

To make the kitchen unit more functional, a handy pull out basket for storage and practical trash containers has been built-in it.

Aija has created this design together with “UP” specialists. “UP” experts proposed best solutions and fully developed the design of this kitchen.



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